Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hannah's Red Carpet Moment

Hannah participated in peewee cheer this past football season and with wintertime, swine flu and regular flu, the "closing ceremonies" were postponed until two weeks ago. So, here we are getting ready to go to her closing ceremonies so that she can accept her trophy and have her picture made when the moment comes that I tell her she needs to go change her clothes........ she literally spun around and glared at me with a deeply offended scoff and said, "What's wrong with what I have on?" My response - "Nothing is wrong with what you have on. If that is what you want to wear it is just lovely."


I am grateful that she has enough self-confidence to be comfortable with herself because I would hate for her to be one of those types that cannot walk to the mailbox without her hair did and makeup on and I am even grateful that she is SUCH a strong-willed child (to an extent), but I have to admit that sometimes I sure do miss the days when she was a frilly girly-girl and everything was princesses and pink tutus.......

Hannah in her lovely cheer uniform

And now, here she is accepting her trophy and being photographed in her "Hannah" clothes (we tried to talk her into an acceptance speech but she declined).

Her "Hannah" clothes were the only thing that she wanted for Christmas even though they do not make them for girls (Santa can do ANYTHING she says).

Her "Hannah" clothes are the only way for a good Southern girl with any class or good raisin' to be attired.....

in CARHARTT OVERALLS, boots and Papa's hunting glasses! :)

She's awesome.


  1. If only you could have gotten her to wear pearls. Then it woud have been perfect!!!

  2. I am just thankful she didn't punch anyone in the face..... LOL

    She told the boy that likes her (with her dukes up) that she would "knock him over."

    I say she is all girl and part boy.

    She does have on some diamond earrings though...a birthday present from Papa - she never takes them off :)