Monday, April 5, 2010


Papa has been meaning to clean the fish pond out. He actually meant to do it for a couple of years now, and finally it was an absolute MUST. The breaking point was that Chopper had played fetch in the pond a few times and Papa decided that he must have knocked the fountain loose or some such thing after I pointed out that we were losing

Chopper in action

In an effort to rescue the fish, Papa starts unloading the *couple* of aquatic plants that were planted in the pond. Well, the aquatic plants had apparently multiplied into one GIANT aquatic plant with a tremendous root system that encompasses the entirety of the fish pond.

Pobre Papa. His hour long +/- project turned into two entire days.

However, the fish are safe and happy and have a new pond to swim in with an all new fountain for us to enjoy. In the process of removing the plants and draining the pond, Papa began to get the feeling that he was not alone...... after seeing 'something' in the water for most of the day, Papa finally came face to face with his companion.....

BTW - I suppose now is as good a time as any to mention that we are Democrats - LOL. But nevertheless - LOOK AT THE DANG FEET ON THAT THING!

The bullfrog was awesome, and both of the children wanted to hold him. Jacob looks as though he is contemplating squishing him in his photo:

Jacob and "Lester" the bullfrog

Sweet Hannah with "Lester" the frog.

Once the flower renovations are complete, I will post the "after" pictures of the fish pond.

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