Friday, April 9, 2010

Jacob's New Contacts

Jacob had his eye appointment yesterday. He needed a new prescription and this time he decided he wanted contacts...

Well, we had some trouble getting them in. He has some trouble getting them out. As a matter of fact, it was a LOT of trouble. Jacob tried. Papa tried. I wanted to want to try, but I can't deal with eyeballs *ick* so I just took pictures. And laughed. Jacob laughed. Papa laughed. Hannah mocked and heckled and walked around doing what Jacob is doing in the above photo. Sorry Jake. Ha.

You have to admit that is pretty funny...

Papa said we should laugh like that every day! :)

The first one finally got wrinkled up - under his eyelid - and he totally freaked out :(
The second one came out about an HOUR later.

This morning didn't go so well either. He ended up taking his contacts to school with him and Sweetheart helped him get them in during Band.

Although he can see everything, it looks as though we may be shopping for glasses least until he gets the hang of the contacts. Keep practicing, Jake!


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