Monday, April 5, 2010


I do not quite think I am old enough to have a child going to the prom... However, Jacob and his Sweetheart sure did look quite dashing as they ventured off on their wonderful night (after much picking from Papa, who told Jacob that they sent a white tux instead of a black one):

Note the beautiful corsage that Sweetheart is wearing. I locked my keys in my car after I picked it up from the florist and was stressing to the MAX over that thing because it had gotten hot that day and I was quite sure I could HEAR it wilting. Fortunately Papa and Hannah saved the day and rescued me but that is another story altogether. However, the corsage survived my carelessness, so YAY!

Uh-oh. Hey Jacob! Don't step on the hem of a STRAPLESS dress.... I wonder if this was just the preliminary display of Jacob's two left feet??? (just kidding Jake)

After they left, Papa and I were discussing them dancing at the prom....mainly because Sweetheart is already several inches taller than Jacob and she was wearing heels! Papa said this reminded him of Jacob and Sweetheart:

BAHAHAHA. Sorry Jacob.


  1. I'm glad the whole corsage thing worked out well. He looks so grown up, I just can't stand it. I have issues with you having a kid old enough for prom too sinc eyou are only a year older than me. lol

  2. Well, I got an early start, but I will also have an empty nest way earlier than you :(