Monday, August 23, 2010


Well, Game Day finally arrived! We played Weir and beat them 42-0. I didn't take the first picture of the band.....sorry Jacob :(

(Also, my hair looks freakishly black at the bottom in this photo. No is all the insanely bright red that you see elsewhere...just strange lighting)

The band did a fantabulous job even if I did forget to take pictures. Oh well, they didn't dress out anyway because it was so hot.....

We did, however, manage to snap a few shots up in the stands as we sat in the sweltering heat eating our cheeseburgers with someone's else cheese on them ( in nacho "not yo" cheese). Sorry. Bad joke......

Hannah D cheesin'

Hannah's partner in crime :)

My mother came to watch the game and just as we were leaving, Papa's dad decided to go too....

Papa's Dad (Pop) and my mother (Nanny) watchin the grandchillens

Anyway. Game day was just as lovely as I had hoped it might be.

Good thing too.....last year's first game was rained out along with most all of the rest of them. This will be our banner year. I just know it.


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