Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I love the beginning of the school year and all of the excitement of the coming season.... Sweaty teenagers marching about barefoot in the soft grass with tubas and bass drums and trumpets and maces trying to find that "blue dot" sprayed on the ground in the 16 beats alloted for them to get there..... Sweaty teenagers doing flips and pyramids and the sound of smacking football helmets and the knowledge that we are fixing to get a break from this scorching heat and that fall is soon to follow......

Ah - the first day of school.... new school supplies, clothes, shoes. That means new teachers too. And homework. That means Friday nights are coming and I am beside myself. I can feel the excitement in the air! I can almost smell the intoxicating aroma of stadium food! When it comes to Friday nights, all of my food principles go out the window. On Friday nights I am a total meat hypocrite. A band nerd since the age of 10 and now the parent of a band nerd since the age of 11 AND the parent of an up and coming (peewee) cheerleader, I have grown up on stadium food....and I love it. I can't wait...

The children also get revved up about the beginning of the school year. They stay up all night the night before in anticipation of the "first day of school."

Alas, although I can hardly contain my excitement, theirs is very short-lived.

Ah, those lovely peaceful mornings...before anyone else wakes up and all is quiet and serene and I get to see my sleeping babies:


What I really want to say is ...."Hey come on! UP AND ATTEM!!! Don't you REALIZE what time of the year this is??? Don't you REALIZE that in just a few short days we will be in jalapeƱo nacho bliss in the midst of the roaring crowd of rabid fans?????? DON'T YOU REALIZE??????

I think I could just about dance and cavort about with last year's pompoms. And they would know that it is totally typical behavior for me :)

I wonder if they can sense how excited I am about our first football game this Friday night and about all of the games thereafter????? Do they realize that I am like Ralphie waiting for that Red Ryder at Christmastime? Do they share in my joy and excitement about the new school year? OF COURSE THEY DO! I am quite certain of it.

Just not first thing in the morning.


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