Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sewing projects

Hannah has been itching to learn to sew on the big machine and a mom can only take so many pooched-lip pouty faces, right?

Off we go. I wanted to do something simple with her so it wouldn't be so involved with meticulous piecing plus I was multi-tasking and right in the middle of the responding to the Q&A for the local paper, so we just randomly started sewing blocks together. When we made it to a 9-patch block I had a "light bulb" moment. Ah-ha! We could make a few blocks, add some sashing and have a fab table runner for Christmastime.

Wham bam a lam......I added the sashing down the sides and quilted it for her and did the binding. I told her the binding was a lesson for another day.

(This picture is also taken on the red crushed velvet couch that I dearly love....meanwhile, Papa is over in the corner twirling his moustache and counting the days until the swanky reverse- camel-back-diva sofa goes to live with cousin Jamie and we have living room furnishings more suitable for cowboys; and preferably in a less vibrant color. *sigh* I suppose it is hard to look like a proper cowboy or a farmer when you are sitting on a sofa whose style is called "The Marilyn Sofa." Poor Papa....but I digress.)

Hannah was so excited about her project and started talking about when she had "little children" she could show them too. So, before we basted, quilted and bound, we cut some scrappy numbers and appliqu├ęd them onto the back so that she would always know how old she was when she made it.

I think I am going to sign her up for 4-H. She did a really good job and caught on very quickly. It seems right up her alley.



  1. I'm SOOO counting the days until the couch is mine! Buahahahahah...(rubbing hands miniacally)

    It's really only fitting that I have a marilyn couch. Really.

  2. That is an amazing first project!

  3. Thank you! She was an excellent pupil ;)

    Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. What a great post about the creation of a brand new quilter. Beautiful quilted runner! Good thing you put the date on it.

  5. Thanks! I hope she always treasures it and that she continues in her sewing :)