Friday, October 1, 2010


Hannah is still our favorite little pee-wee cheerleader.  

She has grown SO much since last year:

Last Year's Picture

Isn't she pretty?

Here are all of the little cheerleaders at practice this year:

Here's Papa at the game showing his school spirit! ;-)

Here is Hannah trying not to have her picture taken before the game:

(I love the big blue in-you-face pompom even if the photo is horrifically overexposed.)

She just wasn't feeling it before the game, apparently...

However, she put on her game face and she was ready to G-O!

Everybody say hello to Morgan in the foreground....HEY MORGAN!!

This year Hannah even gets to do real cheerleader stuff like making pyramids.  She even LOOKS like a real cheerleader!!  Impressive too--I took gymnastics and couldn't even do a cartwheel.  Eesh.  The Almighty blessed me with many many talents but athletic ability just wasn't one of them.  I guess that is why I sing, play guitar, cook and sew...but I digress.  

My girl is the one on the bottom left with the pasty-white-just-like-her-Mama-complexion-that-can't-go-outside-without-a-million-spf-sunblock and the long flaxen locks hanging almost down to her waist.  Look how strong her legs are! :)  

(My apologies to the coach for posting a picture of her backside without her knowing---I am sure she would just love that---good thing she's family, huh?)  If she was turned around you would be able to see her amazing shirt with the blue rhinestone paw print that is for sale at one of the local places that sells school spirit stuff. I heart that shirt.  I NEED that shirt.  Hey Papa---I NEED one of those shirts, ya hear???   :)

I don't think we have won a pee-wee football game yet, but those little cheerleaders sure are working hard!


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  1. I should find the pics of me as a pee wee cheerleader because there are a lot of similarities between me and Hannah-other than the pasty-white-just-like-her-Daddy-complexion-that-can't-go-outside-without-a-million-spf-sunblock that is.
    I just love this!!!