Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ten things.

The list making is nice.  That way I can #1 - fulfill my OCD tendencies of listmaking #2 - I can blog without being neurotically lengthy #3- I don't feel the burden of a big long blog post.  So here goes:

1.  I have a follow-up appointment (and x-ray no less) for the a) kidney stone removal surgery a month ago and b) the kidney stone(s) still hanging out in my urinary tract, which are driving me to the brink of madness.

2.  I am on the brink of madness.

3.  I have used all of my free Route 44 Sonic cherry limeade coupons and have fallen into deep despair.  (Only kidding)

4.  Consuming eight glasses of water each day should receive some sort of honorable mention in the newspaper.

5.  My husband is going to sell and ship hay to ranchers in Texas.  As bad as our summer has been, theirs has been far worse.

6.  Our daughter scored 100% in GEOMETRY and MEASUREMENT on her state MCT test.  This is amazing because #1 - she does not like math and #2 - it is very atypical for a little girl.

7.  I love math and was very good at it.

8.  This weekend I am installing a new closet system with some actual shelving (WOOT!) instead of just the closet rod so that I can [hopefully] dig out from underneath the wardrobe that is slowly taking over the house.

9.  Our hectic fall schedule is already exhausting and I am already ready for finals and the end of the semester.

10.  This past Saturday I got an official hunting license.  I am now a hunter.  (Ha!)

~~ Gena

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  1. I love your lists!
    I hope you pea and blow the thing out!!!!
    Thyra is eating this disgusting food to hopefully enable her to "pass" hers... When she was in the throws of UTI, she was pea-ing everywhere...