Monday, March 22, 2010


Okay, so here's the thing. I have TONS of projects in my head and several wip (works in progress) that are piled up in what I fondly refer to as "sewing world." We have a love/hate relationship.....sewing world and I. I offered to pack up sewing world for the time being seeing as how it has invaded a rather substantial portion of our dining room, but Papa insisted that sewing world stays since I sew all the time. Yay!!! Papa is AMAZING. Seriously.

Here are some of my crafting projects ~~ many of them old completed projects and a couple that are still wips. I will try and post the projects in a more regular fashion henceforth. So, without further ado......

Hannah's disappearing nines blanket in Moda Kashmir IV

I fell in love with this fabric the moment I saw it. It was an appliqué butterfly quilt in my head but then it evolved into a disappearing nines. It does, however, have one of the butterflies on the backing in honor of the original project. Not sure about all the stippling and I wish I had used a thicker batting, but overall I was pleased with the turnout.


Jacob's disappearing nines blanket

WIP. Jacob wanted a black/white blanket. The sashing is a blinding lime green. He said he wanted a 'disappearing whatever' like Hannah, so this is what he ended up with. I have stitched treble clefs on the solid black. Still working on this one. I do have some fab polka dot binding for it though! :)


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Granny's log cabin

WIP. This quilt top is most likely older than I am. The wife of one of my father's friends bought this from my Granny (my paternal GREAT-grandmother) years and years ago and was going to tack it. She found it in an old box of stuff, got in touch with my mother and asked if I would be interested in having it. HECK YEAH! What a treasure! I am not going to tack it though. I decided to HAND quilt it. It is fabulous. It is taking forever. I get very bored with it. I quilt for a while - I put it away for a while. BUT - I am getting so close to having it quilted and hopefully I can be done with it soon. I owe Ms. Eileen Gaines a photo of a completed quilt anyway. Plus much thanks for returning it to the family :)


Orange Nine Patch

WIP. Kind of. These blocks are for a charity quilt. Quilter's Dream Batting is sponsoring a quilt drive for ALS. My family and I were all assigned a color of the ROYGBIV (and pink). My cousin Michelle is going to assemble and quilt this quilt for the family in honor of her mother, my Aunt Jan, who was diagnosed with ALS and passed away on Christmas Day 2008. She was an avid quilter and we are all convinced she would be quite proud of us coming together to make a family quilt. I cannot wait to see the finished product!


Lone Star (to be)

Let me just say that I love Lone Star quilts probably better than any other. I WILL finish this. I love love love the red and purple.


Orange Bento Box

Love Love Love the Bento Box and Love Love Love the Orange. Put them together and it is delicious! :) I am thinking that I will make these into a wonderful table runner for my sister.


Laura Gunn's Dogwood Stripe in Denim

This is now a fabulous skirt for Easter/Spring that I made on Friday. It isn't very often that you find dogwood fabric so very pretty and I just love Laura Gunn's style. I will post pics soon :)

And finally....

Since the family ALS blocks were a hit we decided to swap blocks on the 4th of July. The 4th of July is our big family holiday gathering and we decided to make our blocks red, white and blue....naturally. This one ended up being too big for what we decided on so I had to put it to another use - an a-line skirt for Hannah that I made out of two pillow cases. How easy is that - no hemming! Woot!

Here she is in her skirt even though you can't see the star on the front:

That is enough finished/unfinished projects for now.....
One at a time, one at a time; at least Papa loves me enough to put up with my sewing madness :)

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