Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On the cover of the Rolling Stone

Well, not really.  However, I did recently have words with the rolling stone.  Not the magazine..... the ones in my kidneys.

Three to be exact.  One in each kidney and one lodged right at my bladder that was too big to pass.  And, because of its location, I was not eligible for the lithotripsy procedure.  Nope, they had to manually fish it out.

Let me just state for the record that the actual kidney stone did not hurt as bad as all the horror stories.

The aftermath of the surgery, however, is an entirely different story altogether.

Bladder spasms.  If you have never had them consider yourself blessed and highly favored.  They absolutely just do not make enough pain medication to make them better.

However..... a week post-op and three days tablet free (thankfully!) I hope I never have to repeat this episode again. UGH!

*disclaimer - I will also not be taking all those calcium supplements recommended because of my prior hysterectomy.

Yes, I will be having a water with lemon, please.
And cranberry juice
And beer on a more regular basis.

~~ Gena

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