Friday, September 9, 2011

Full Circle

It seems like just yesterday I was marching in my first field show in college.  I remember the smell and feel of the thick, soft, freshly cut and lined grass. I remember all the hours spent practicing and all the sweat and sunburn.  I remember the excitement and anticipation of lining up to take the field with my smile plastered to my face and my hair tightly braided in my sparkling uniform while the air was thick with the smell of grilled hamburgers and popcorn.

It also seems like just yesterday I cried with a heavy heart and then prayed, prayed and prayed for a tiny, sick, two pound baby in the NICU that God let me keep here with me and love for all these years.

Last night I found myself on that same exact field.  For the very first field show.  And I could smell the hamburgers and popcorn.  And excitement was in the air with the anticipation of the first show.  The first game.  The band lined up to march onto the field.  There were sparkly uniforms and plastered smiles.  Only that excited kid wasn't me this time.  It was MY excited kid. And this time I was a spectator watching from the stands.   And I was so excited for him.  And proud.

My my how things come around full circle. 

I sure do love that kid.

My cup runneth over.

~~ Gena


  1. ah,, life does have a way of circling around us.. You ARE truly blessed,, God spared Jacob for a reason... he has much to do for our Creator.. and he is so willing. You have done a great job..

    Interestingly I found a picture of you as a tiny little thing today while rummaging through some drawers... yes, life does circle...
    love you

  2. Oh I love your blog posts and your way with words. With this one I was filled with emotion, I know it is only a matter of time before I will be watching my little boys march on those freshly cut fields.