Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby Quilt

Well, the first great-grand is on the way.  Not mine, mind you!  My mother's.  My oldest sister is fixing to be a grandmother, which is really weird for me.  One of my siblings is fixing to be a GRANDMOTHER.  Eesh!  

I am not finished with it yet; I am in the process of hand-stitching the binding.  This was also my first attempt at the whole cross-hatching thing.  I will have to take more pictures one I have it finished since this one doesn't really do it much justice.  

When I asked my niece what the colors were for her nursery, she said blue, green and brown.  Now, after looking at this fabric (since I am making this for a little boy)  I have decided that it must have totally been a God thing, since I have no idea why I had this fabric in my stash to begin with.  After all, even as big of a tomboy as my little girlie is, I still don't think I could talk her into frogs, turtles, snails and crickets.  

Great-grand number one is coming in January.  Great-grand number two is due in March via my older (the oldest of all of us) brother's firstborn daughter and first grandchild.  I am waiting to see if I need more boy fabric or if I will be making a girlie quilt.  

What fun!



  1. I really like it. I have some fabrics that I kind of forget about but it seems a purpose always comes up for them.

  2. tell me or send me a tutorial on "cross hatching"