Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Finished Projects

I just wanted to post a few of my completed projects that I am quite pleased with :

Completed.  One baby quilt for the first great-grand.  Washed, dried and oh so soft and cozy :)

Project number two:

Ahhhhh.  My orange bento box table runner.  I so completely heart this.  I love the orange, I love the bento boxes, I love the pinwheels randomly at one end and the polka-dot binding.

Here is a shot with the backing, which I also love (and which also came from one of Hannah's last year fall dresses that I made and she has now outgrown):

Yay.  Pumpkins.

I didn't do a whole lot of quilting on this.  I wanted something simple and not fussy. It was all about the bentos on that one. :)

Finally, my controversial project number three.  Eesh.  In theory it was supposed to be wonderful, and I am quite happy with it in spite of its imperfections.

Somehow I went all wonky and I am not quite sure where it happened?  Basting?  Quilting?  Squaring?  Who knows.  Whatever.  It doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things and I don't think the world will come to and end.  Hehee.

Don't know what happened there.... Oh well.  I reckon the Jennifer Paganelli fabric can make up for the wonkiness of the thing, right???? :)


  1. I love everything! I am not really sure what you are complaining about on the 3rd project, though. I don't see what is wonky about it. Just say it's organic and be done :) I need to figure out what to do with all my hexagons. I guess I will save them for the next car trip and worry about it then.

  2. Well, the strip across the far end was actually supposed to be straight and well, it just ISN'T. Oh well. The very first thing that Jesse said when I excitedly said "look what I made!!" was that it was crooked and said I should rip it out and redo it (!) Nevermind the 40+ lines of straight line quilting AND the appliqued handmade hexagons AND the fab Paganelli binding..... Sheesh...... men. I like the organic idea, though.

    The hexagons have been a good way to pass the time if I stay at the office during lunch or at cheer practice or football games, etc. At cheer practice one lady asked if I was going to make a quilt out of the hexagons. I worry that she was offended by the intensity of my laughter. :)

  3. Yeah I am thinking potholders :)
    Then again, I burned a handmade potholder last week. I was cool with it. I don't think I'd be cool with the hexagons going up in flames, though.

  4. omg you made my day with your sweet comment and now this..We love Wonky!!!!!!

  5. Omigosh! I am blushing. I told my husband over lunch today that because you were so kind and gracious that he would have to pry that table runner from my cold dead fingers - ha! Thank you SO much! You have made my day as well! :)

  6. Love the orange table runner. So pretty! Suzanne

  7. Thank you Suzanne! :)

    Glad you stopped by!!